A place i wish to go

I wish to go to a trip  under the sea, with a submarine.It will be fantastic,

i will see all the fish and plants and every thing under the water. I wish to

see all kinds of fish and sharks and how do they eat and live .i wish that if i

went there it will be a good trip.

25 January The Egyptian Revolution

The revolution of 25th Jan, people started the revolution for Egypt to start a new life of peace , democracy and freedom.People started to meet from different parts in Cairo and then arrive in Tahrir Square to start the revolution. The police tried to stop the revolution and making people to give up by scattering them by teer bombs but the people didn’t give up.ِAfter days of demonstrations some people had bad injuries and others died.All this and also the president refused to retire.People didn’t give up  until they became over 3 million in Cairo and between 1 to 3 million in some states in Egypt.The police retired and the army came to defend the people from gangs and street people that come to steal houses and shops.Also people stood under their houses to defend for their family and money.The revolution lasted 18 days until the president retired,before he retires he changed the ministry leaders.After he retired people made a good thing the worked together to clean street sin  Egypt to start a new life in Egypt,i think after this revolution Egypt will change to better.


An unusual day for me

last year i went with my big cousin toa nice but dangerouse  trip.He took me to the Dark Jungle,I told him why do you want us to go to this dangerouse trip , he told me because there is an advertisment in the television about a competition,who will hunt the DarkBird its a bird that destroys the green leaves in the trees and who will find it will get 100,000 Dollars,so i went with him, we kept searching for hours  and we didn’t find it after 3 hours the night started to fall so we decided to go back home but something strange happened i found myself in the air and something is holding me  i realized that it was a big black bird,but i was lucky because my cousin shooted it  before it went away but when the bird wasshut i fell from a high point then i before i reach the ground ,i found myself opening my eyes , and allof this was a dream.